Say goodbye to paper triple entry log sheets. Minimise errors, increase efficiency and report to the client in their
preferred format, all thanks to the award winning EPLOD® system.
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About ePLOD®

The EPLOD is the world’s first and only fully integrated progressive log of drilling system for the Exploration and Mining Industry. The EPLOD records the progressive log of drilling activities as they happen and they are ready immediately for distribution into your database system.

The EPLOD has countless benefits and advantages and is a boon for mining companies and contractors from supervisors to geologists and drillers. There is no doubt that with its ease of use, continuous tracking of hole depth, accurate allocation of tasks and activities and the ability to perform in the most hostile environments, the EPLOD has harnessed today’s technology to provide superior data management and clear information generated from easy to read graphs and reports.

The World’s first fully integrated Electronic Progressive Log
Of Drilling System for the Mining and Exploration Industry.
Drilling in a connected world ePLOD worlds first and only fully integrated drilling tracking log tablet

Features & Benefits of ePLOD®

  • EPLOD has been successfully tested in all conditions. It has large tactile keys, easy navigation and shortcuts to key features. Screen and key backlighting ensures visibility in all conditions.
  • Continuous tracking of hole information, including hole depth, rod string, rod count and barrel length with instant access to hole data for review while drilling.
  • Consumables are tracked and selected from a large preloaded list. Users can add new consumables as required.
  • Daily efficiency monitors and reporting on any aspect of drilling operations can be generated at the touch of a button.
  • Drillers can fill in Plods during the shift rather than after, leading to more accurate reporting and more information can be recorded about the drilling process.
  • Seamless cross-shift transfer of information.
  • Eplod Report completed and approved easily, instantly and accurately at the end of a shift.
  • Standard and customised live and up to date reports (encrypted password protected) can be displayed on any aspect of any operation, project, contract or location on any device from any where using your internet browser.
  • Ability to manage rigs as each log record will be able to store important information like the store engine hours and employee hours.
  • The paperless ePlod system eliminates the need for costly archival storage
  • ePlod can be managed by a “non techie”, thereby reducing support calls
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Technology Information & Platform

ePLOD Android App

  • Mono.NET (Android > 4.2 )
  • Cloud connectivity via Web services API RESTful (Windows Communication Foundation)
  • Updates (Android) via Google Play Private Channel
  • Files use low size, text based, open XML based scheme
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ePLOD Cloud

  • Microsoft Azure
    • SQL 2012
    • ASP.NET
    • Websites
    • Web services API (RESTful)
    • Backup storage
    • HTTP Authentication
  • Front end website
    • Bootstrap 2.3 framework
    • HTML5
    • jQuery
    • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
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ePLOD® Reports

  • Revenue summary
  • Shift report
  • Daily Detailed Shift by Shift revenue report
  • Task Report
  • Total Drilled by Size and Depth
  • Total Drilled per Rig
  • Performance Metrics report
Utilization, Mechanical Availability, Crew Efficiency,
Contract Effectiveness
  • Total drilled report
  • Consumables report
  • Missing shifts report
  • Driller performance report
  • Bit report
  • Survey report
  • Hole cost report
  • Core Recovery report

Learn about the epLOD Android App

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  • Android Tablet
  • Charger Set
  • USB
  • Approximate weight of kit – 1kgs
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